I feel like we all have that stage of being a vulture where we’re like “omg there’s a dead squirrel in my freezer haha I’m so weird”

But then after a while it becomes so normal like “oh yeah I’ve got a couple critters in my freezer and I have about 7 animals rotting in buckets rn no biggie”

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    I think for me it was like. Why am I starting to put dead things in my freezer. People dont do this what am I doing. And...
  2. bandits-at-sea said: I’m right there with you. Two squirrels, a groundhog, and a snow goose piled into a freezer, waiting for me to work on them! It can be awkward when people come over!
  3. ghirahim said: yeah when i was 14 or 15 i know i was really bad about being the first one. now i’m like “pls stop…” before i remember that nah i was the same. it’ll grow out
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